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Whiteland, Indiana is located just outside of Indianapolis in Johnson County and has been a part of our service area since the day we opened our doors. For more than 20 years, we’ve offered the highest-quality roofing services to residential, commercial, industrial, governmental, and institutional clients throughout Indianapolis, the suburbs – including Whiteland, and all of Central Indiana. We know the area, its citizens, and its architecture – all of what makes us the roofing contractor you'll want and need.


The experts at DONE RITE Remodeling & Roofing Company offer an extensive range of services and products to the residential, commercial, industrial, governmental, and institutional clients who rely on us, and make sure all of the work we do on their behalf is up to our high standards and goes well above their expectations. Regardless of the project, small to big, our licensed and insured roofing company possess the training and expert roofers required for efficient roofing application, and use only the best products, tools, supplies, and equipment sold to licensed professionals only. When you need a quote in Whiteland, answers about your roof inquiries, or immediate service, there’s only one contractor to know – DONE RITE Remodeling & Roofing Contractors.

Why DONE RITE Remodeling & Roofing Contractor in Whiteland, Indiana?

  • Best Price Guarantee.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed!
  • Professional, Same-Day Service.
  • Fully Licensed, Insured & Bonded.
  • Necessary Resources to Ensure Satisfaction.
  • 30+ Years of Experience as a roofer with Roofing Systems.
  • Excellent Reviews on Google, Yelp! & Angie’s List.
  • Recommendations Based on Expertise – Not Cost.

Our Services – Whiteland, Indiana

  • New Roof Installation
  • Reroof 
  • Roof Repair
  • Roof Maintenance
  • Emergency Roof Repair

Our Roofing Systems – Whiteland, Indiana

  • EPDM Roofing
  • Asphalt Shingles
  • Sheet Metal Roofs
  • Single-Ply Roofing

Whiteland New Roof Installation – Whiteland, Indiana

Regardless where you reside, a new roof install can provide lower heating and cooling costs, better protect your home or business, and safeguard you from roofing emergencies that could cost you many thousands of dollars. Whiteland, Indiana, is not excluded. In fact, a new roof installation in Whiteland could save you even more due to the higher probability for weather-associated damages in your area. A new roof is by far the best solution to roofing issues, and, while it can be costly, you may actually save money in the long run when repairs and service calls are taken into account, Call the professional roofers at DONE RITE Remodeling & Roofing Company today to discuss the ways a new residential, commercial, industrial, governmental, or institutional roof installation in Whiteland, Indiana, may be right for you.

Whiteland Roof Repairs – Whiteland, Indiana

When you own property in Whiteland, and you call DONE RITE Remodeling & Roofing Contractor for assistance with your roof, our roofers come prepared to handle any problems you might have. Quite often, a client contacts a roofer for help thinking they need a new roof when, all they needed was a roof repair job performed by the fully licensed and insured expert roofers at DONE RITE Remodeling & Roofing Contractor. Many Whiteland property owners have been pleasantly surprised when we tell them our findings, and they realize their roof project will cost ten to twenty times less than they originally thought. Those are good days to be a roofing contracting firm and great days to be a customer of DONE RITE Remodeling & Roofing Contractor.

Whiteland Roof Maintenance – Whiteland, Indiana

Whiteland, Indiana experiences the very same weather problems as the rest of Indiana and Central Indiana. These weather-related issues can cause severe complications for your roof system. What should you do? Well, a comprehensive roof maintenance plan from DONE RITE Remodeling & Roofing Company is the best course of action if you want your roofing to last its intended lifetime. We provide the finest roof maintenance programs to residential, commercial, industrial, governmental, and institutional clients across Indianapolis, the suburbs – including Whiteland, and Central Indiana. Our extensive maintenance plan will find and address any minor issues long before they become big ones – potentially saving hundreds if not thousands of dollars in roofing costs. Contact DONE RITE Remodeling & Roofing Company today to discuss the details of our Roofing Maintenance Plans.

Whiteland Emergency Repair Service – Whiteland, Indiana

One of life’s big mysteries is, why roofing emergencies always occur in the middle of the night. Roofers have been trying to solve this question for years, but it’s as unknowable now as it always has been. That’s why DONE RITE Remodeling & Roofing Contractors offers our Emergency Roofing Response Team. When emergencies arise, no matter the time – day or night, all you have to do is call on your friends at DONE RITE Remodeling & Roofing Contractors. Wherever you live in Whiteland, we can have someone out to you quickly to professionally inspect and repair your problem roof. Whatever type of roofing material – metal roofing, single-ply, asphalt shingle or rubber – we have the tools and the experience to correct the problem and stop the damage in its tracks.

If you live in Whiteland or the surrounding areas, and have roofing problems of any kind, from roofing leaks to new roof installs, there’s only one name to know – DONE RITE Remodeling & Roofing Company. Our 30+ years of experience and satisfaction guarantee make us the company to trust for all of your residential, commercial, governmental, and institutional roofing projects. Contact DONE RITE Remodeling & Roofing Company today - (317) 882-2770, use our contact form below, or send an email to learn more about our services and products.

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