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Spotting Hail Damage on Your Roof

If you ask old-timers in Central Indiana, you’ll expect to listen to the days when central Indiana was hit with some very severe hail storms. Some areas even looked like war zones. While the event created a nightmare for some residents, it seemed minor for others. Although, you do not have to have a massive hailstorm to damage your roof. Learning what to see after a hailstorm allows you to prevent further roof and interior damage. Call a roofing contractor within the Indianapolis area to get your insurance, roofing repair or replacement process started. Learn the means of spotting hail damage on your roof below.
DONE RITE Remodeling & Roofing

Loss of Shingle Granules

After it is safe to venture outside, look for shingle granules laying on the ground and at the bottom of your downspouts. If you find lots of them, you can count on having some roof damage. These granules are added to shingles to make them more ultraviolet resistant and more fire-resistant. If you notice many of them on the ground, then head back inside to start the claims process.


Inspect for Impact Hail Marks

Hail that is big enough and hits hard enough can damage your roof. You can look outside during the hailstorm and guess if you are going to have damage based on the size of the hail and your roofing materials. If you have a three-tab asphalt roof, you can expect to see where the hail has hit your roof because it will leave an impact. Fiberglass asphalt shingles usually can withstand 1.25-inch hailstones. Wood shake roofing can be split down the middle by hail. If the hail is big enough, you can see impact marks on all types of roofs.


Look for Gutter Damage

You do not even need to get on your roof to see gutter damage. If the hail has bent or dinged your gutters, then the chances are that you have hail damage to your roof. Hail that is powerful enough to bend or ding your gutters may also have bent vents and other protrusion that come up through your roof. If these are damaged, then your roof may leak, even if the hail did not damage your roofing material itself. Hail that is this hard often is accompanied by hard rain that may have backed up under your roof’s edge.


If you think you have hail damage, then call roofers in the Indianapolis area to come to inspect your roof. You should call DONE RITE Remodeling & Roofing as they can do the inspection and work with your insurance company to get your roof repairs done quickly. We have over 30 years of roofing experience, and you will love our outstanding customer service. If you have any problems, then the owner of this family-operated business will be glad to help you out.


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